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Machine Listing - Pickling Lines

IEN 118835
Capacity 670,000 Tons/Year
Type Hydrochloric Acid (tower pickling)
Manufacturer Wean and Dravo
Equipment Class Pickling Lines
Year (age) 1965

  670,000 TPY Continuous Pickle Line, 80in (2030 mm), hydrochloric acid (tower pickling); installed 1965, Wean and Dravo •• The pickling section in this line consists of a fiber-reinforced plastic tower in which the strip is exposed to the acid while it traverses four vertical passes. While in the tower section the strip is maintained under tension to permit closely controlled steering/strip guiding. The pickled strip is rinsed by a three-stage cascade spray and dried by a blower system. •• Average Throughput: 85 ton/hr (77.1 tonne/hr) •• Speeds: Entry 2000 ft/min (609 m/min) •• Delivery 800 ft/min (243 m/min) •• Products Pickled: Hot Mill P&O and Hot Mill Dry •• CQ Galvanize •• CQ Dom •• Pickle Only Galvanize (Dry)