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Machine Listing - Annealing Lines

IEN 118824
Type N2/H2 up to 100% H2 Atmosphere
Equipment Class Horizontal Bright Annealing Line
Capacity Gauge Range: 0.025mm – 0.2mm
Manufacturer KC Herr Voss (UK) Ltd
Dimensions 420mm Max Width
Year (age) Mfg. 2000
Speed 50 M/min

  Horizontal Bright Annealing Line, KC Herr Voss (UK) Ltd. Year 2000. Width Range: 210mm – 420mm •• Gauge Range: 0.025mm – 0.2mm •• Maximum Speed: 50 M/min •• Maximum Coil Weight: 3000kg •• Furnace Atmosphere: N2/H2 up to 100% H2 •• Modified with New Furnace Section