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Machine Listing - Recoilers

IEN 117861
Type New Equipment
Weight 50,000 lb. coils
Equipment Class Recoilers
Max Diameter 72" coils
Drum Face 79.75 inch

  New Recoiler with Overarm Separator & Pushoff. Maximum weight of coil: 50,000 lb; Maximum width of material 72 inch; Drum face 79.75 inch; Maximum diameter of coil 72 inch; DC Motor not included 150HP; Gearbox ratio 8:1. Features include: hydraulic pushoff & air overarm separator; hydraulic clamping of material; hydraulic expanding of drum; hydraulic sliding base. The housing is a heavy duty fabrication to support the mandrel, drive, pushoff, and overarm separator. The main shaft is made of pre-hardened alloy steel. The pushoff is a heavy plate supported by two guide rods with bushings in the housing. The overarm separator is cantilever mounted on the recoiler. The shaft is quick change. Shafts will drop down for easy tool change. 2 shafts supplied. The internal reducer has herringbone gears and a reduction ratio of 8:1. Rated input horsepower is 150. Delivery: Immediately available.