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Machine Listing - Electric Arc Furnaces

IEN 119652

  Continuous Electric Arc Furnace mfg. Fuchs YEAR 1997. This Unit has a 20’ diameter (6M) with a capacity of 130 ton (100 ton nominal tapping) with a 50 minute tap time. This unit has a design of DC Shaft type EBT and was only used for three years. Hydraulic operated. Two 40 MVA 34 KV, ABB transformers, plus one new spare. Featuring the following equipment: Shell • Roof lifting and rotate system • EBT system • Water cooled shell, oxygen and carbon lance • Support systems • Electrode holders with steel structure • Charge Shaft • Water Cooling panels • Electrical parts • Two used ABB 40 MVA transformers • One new ABB 40 MVA transformer • Seven ladles • Three scrap buckets • Two scrap bucket transfer cars with scales • Oxygen and carbon lance system • Hydraulic station • Lot spare parts