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Machine Listing - Continuous Billet Casters

IEN 119656

  Continuous Caster mfg. FUCHS. 500,000 To 700,000 TPY, built in 1997 with a Billet Size of 6-1/4” X 6-1/4” X 30’to 48’ Length. This unit is a Three Strand Concast Continuous Caster, 165mm Square Billets, 9 with 3 Water Cooled Spray Zones, 48’ X 30’ Cross Transfer Table (200 Ton Cap). Radius, Ladle Turret With Scales, 5 Tundishes, 2 Tundish Cars, Torch Cut Off Convex Moulds, Dummy Bars, Short Lever Oscillation, Open Pour Design. Caster Speed: 2.8 To 3.7 Meters Per Minute. This unit is currently part of a complete melt shop, IEC# 119653.